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Ruccess STR-LD300G – radar detector, video recorder, GPS. in one body

– turning off the screen ( always works, 1 or 3 minutes.The screen can also be turned off with the button from any operating mode or menu) Tracks the distance to the car in front and in the event of a dangerous approach will warn the driver with a signal. — playing sound signals – range and speed at
which will trigger the RD on the cameras. Examples of video recording with different quality
Set photo mode. —etc. — GPS is active Configurable: — Sound recording At the end there is a round connector for connecting to the "combine". – G sensor and parking settings
An unusual harvester is not often found in reviews, it is often interesting as a multifunctional device.
We install on the car. Radar detector with Korean electronics. While driving, you can configure the display of both 2 cameras, and only 1. — taxiway sensitivity mode enabled — Loop recording (1, 3, 5 min)
Adapter for a memory card.
A box made of thick cardboard, everything is packed in their own bags and separate compartments. Let’s go through the device menu briefly.To enter the menu, you need to hold the lower left key for 2-3 seconds.To navigate between the menu and select an item, use the volume and OK keys. When connected correctly, when the “reverse” gear is turned on, the front camera will turn off and only the rear camera will work. —you can set which videos will be played back, as well as the same setting of their blocking from deletion.
Additional camera for installation on the back of the machine. To set up the LDWS mode, you need to install the camera where it will stand permanently and through the 5th menu item, calibrate Bottom line from left to right: This set comes with 2 cameras.
1080Р — warning mode 1296Р

Receptionist aside, let’s see what else they put us. —setting ISO and contrast, sharpness, saturation Ruccess STR-LD300G is a 3-device combine that includes a DVR, a radar detector and a GPS module. The charger itself has a 2A fuse. Something beyond the natural is not to be expected, since this is not a camera. — radar and laser detection modes enabled . – setting the date and time (automatically picked up when GPS is turned on) Used to update the GPS databases and to connect the "rear" camera. The wire is long.
In areas where there is a speed limit , the limit and the distance to it will be indicated. Can be used as a parking camera.
Photo quality

Ruccess STR-LD300G – radar detector, video recorder, GPS. in one body

When connecting an additional camera, you can set up recording, only the front camera,
and simultaneously both cameras. On the frontal part there is a camera and a black glossy plastic screen covering the radar board. Quite large, with a description of all the settings. Unfortunately, parking lines are not built, and the quality is so-so. A little closer to the attachment point there is a compartment for the GPS antenna. control buttons.On the right side in the direction of travel, connectors for charging and the rear camera, and memory cards. – alert mode (GPS DB – GPS base, RD – radar de detector, GPS DB RD – mixed mode)
Playback settings To turn on the camera in parking mode, you will need to connect the red wire to the " " reversing light. – switching on and off the ranges read by the radar detector (arrow, Ka, laser, K, X)
To connect the camera, the set includes a large coil of wire.
The instruction that comes across immediately after opening the box.
Supplied with quick-release mount with suction cup. – memory card format and factory reset settings Can be covertly
run all over the car. After calibration, while driving on the highway, if you change lanes from lane to lane, the desired lane will be lined up on the taxiway with blue stripes and sound signals will notify you of the lane exit.
Movie mode setting A box on which every centimeter of the surface is used to convey to the buyer information about the device in Russian. — speed limit – radar sensitivity (highway, city 1, city 2, city 3) For installation on the machine, 2 self-tapping screws and a gasket were included in the kit. Once this mode is enabled, the taxiway will track the distance to the vehicle in front or an obstacle. — audio recording
During operation, you can see which modes are enabled on the RD screen, the speed of movement, restrictions, direction of movement, enabled GPS and much more. – LDWS calibration
During the movement, when a fixation device is detected on the taxiway, it will be displayed what the fixation is and the distance to the object – the signal level (Displayed by a color scale) Calibration in the general settings of the RD.
A small wire with a Mini-B on the end.
General settings
When turned on, the Ruccess logo lights up.It takes 3-4 seconds until the moment it is fully loaded and recording starts.GPS search about 10 seconds, even when moving. The quality is 0.3 mp, but this is quite enough, for example, for parking. Power button with indication. — 1 camera is connected – setting the playback volume (can be adjusted using buttons not from the menu) It is well fixed, convenient to set up, allows you to quickly install and remove the radar detector.
Download instructions —Satellite information In case of emergency approach, the distance will be shown and sound indication will be played. stands for Forward Collision Warning System. —Resolution setting @60fps)
When you turn on the "reverse" gear, the rear camera is fully turned on. 1 menu item "GPS and radar settings". — recording quality The first photo is almost close to the doors, the second half a meter further. —software version
Top line from left to right: —shooting modes (single shots or series) — LDWS and FCWS modes (LDWS mode must be calibrated in menu item 5 after switching on) The charger is powered by 12-24v, and gives out 5v / 1a. — video recording is enabled The principle of operation of LDWS is that the camera captures road markings and determines the position of the car relative to the dividing lanes, in case of a change in the trajectory of movement, the system notifies the driver about this. Standard in the cigarette lighter socket. stands for Lane Departure Warning System.
The "combine" itself is quite large, only the screen is 3".

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